Weekly Wellness

We know your team’s well being is important to you. Make a long lasting, cost-effective commitment to wellness that will improve employee morale, productivity and engagement.

Weekly Wellness is a once-a-week wellness solution to enhance engagement and avoid burnout among your team.  We set and send the schedule so you don’t have to. Team members can choose what they’d like to join each month for a long term wellness strategy that is more cost effective.  


Sign up and let us handle the rest! Your team can join these once-a-week, pre-scheduled sessions based on availability and interest. Built to support multiple time zones. 


Session topics, dates, and links are sent out in advance. Our diverse and inclusive experiences are easy to join and cover a variety of subject matter. We track engagement and attendance for reporting. 


We curate and schedule events so you don’t have too! Our diverse set of offerings and weekly frequency allow team members to participate when they want, without pressure to attend every session.

Example Session Topics

Sessions will cover a breadth of wellness-centered topics to appeal to a variety of interests. From gardening and eating well, to yoga and mindfulness, creativity and art, book clubs, and more!

Some examples include:

Let us help you reach your wellness goals!

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