Virtual Conference

Make your virtual conference a success by building anticipation, sending welcome packages and fun day-of break rooms.

Domestic and International Shipping

No matter how far flung your attendees are, we can get them everything they need to have the same great experience.

Day-of-Conference Break Rooms

Make your conference break rooms refreshing with streaming nature walks, sounds, virtual petting zoos and instructor-led stretches and deep breathing exercises.

Conference Swag

Customize and send a swag box worth keeping.

Build Anticipation

Leverage TouchPoints to schedule and send pre-game engagement content to build up the excitement.


Ship many kits to a single office location or many kits to many home addresses, we are here to make your virtual and hybrid conferences a success!

Simultaneous Sessions

With Garden Streets’ team of dedicated hosts, we can support multiple break rooms at the same time.  Take the guess work out and let your attendees choose what they want to do!

Ready to super charge your

virtual conference experience?