Plants as Gifts: What We Recommend You Know Before You Buy

February 25, 2021

The interior plantscape and houseplant industries are booming. According to the National Gardening Association, houseplant sales increased 50 percent between 2016 and 2019, amounting to a $1.7 billion industry.

Popularity has increased even more following the stay at home orders enacted by many states across the country. Home & garden sales have increased 8.4 percent year over year. Gifts and specialty items at up nearly 19 percent.

Plants can be given as a gift for almost any occasion: birthdays, house warming presents, or even a nice “thinking of you” desk plant from an employer.

However, before you send a plant gift, we recommend doing some research! This article will serve as a great start to help you pick out a plant for your friend, employee, or client.

‘right plant, right place’

Pairing location & conditions with the right plant is essential for your plants to thrive.

So, before giving plant gifts, we recommend that you try to understand the locations that the recipient has available to them.

Will the plant be in a dark apartment with little natural light? Does the home allow for ample natural light to flood the living spaces? Do you happen to know the direction the light will be coming from?

Taking into account the recipient’s space allows you to choose a plant that can end up being a very thoughtful gift. With our Employee Plant Program, employers can personalize plants as gifts for employees, helping to choose the right plant for the intended recipient.

Oftentimes, it’s easiest to break down plants based on the light levels they do best in. Here are a few examples:

Low Light

  • Snake plant: This hardy succulent loves to dry out between waterings and adds clear lines to any room.

  • Peace Lily: Contrasted by a dark set of green leaves, this pretty flowering plant is nice on the eyes and easy to care for.

Medium Light

  • Money Tree: Believed to bring good luck and fortune, the money tree is manageable and has a fun growth pattern that’s very unique.

  • Anthurium in Bloom: With proper care, this tropical plant flower can last well over four weeks and into months. A beauty even when the plant is not in bloom!

Bright Light

  • Arrowhead Plant: The upright growth of this plant adds some height to a tabletop or desk. Very easy to grow with lovely foliage.

  • Pancake Plant: Guess what a Pancake Plant’s leaves are shaped like? You guessed it! These flat leaves take on a nice red hue when placed in bright light.

Very Bright Light

  • Croton: Another plant with leaves that change dramatically based on the amount of light it receives, Crotons range from green to red to orange to yellow to everywhere in between!

  • Succulent: We have a variety of succulents, but no matter the style, you know these will thrive in bright light environments.

pet-friendly plants

Sixty seven percent of American households have a pet. We recommend taking that fact into consideration when choosing a plant gift, as it’s highly likely they’ll have a pet. Some plants, in fact, can be poisonous to animals when ingested.

But pet-friendly plants are safe for cats and dogs to be around, bite, and even eat. A few options include:

  • Air plants are great as gifts since they’re very low maintenance, and they tend to be on the smaller side. These plants don’t require soil and get most of their nutrients from the air around them. Hence the name, “air plants.”

  • Bird’s nest ferns are extremely resilient and beautiful ferns with long, wavy green fronds. These pet-friendly plants do best in low to medium light. Check out more info on the bird’s nest fern in this blog post.

  • The Chinese money plant, also called a Pilea, is as fun & whimsical looking as it is easy to care for. Thriving in medium to bright light only needing watering every 7 to 10 days, this plant is a joy to add to any home or office.

Check out our full list of pet-friendly plant options here.

garden streets makes it easier to choose

Because plants make such great wellness-focused gifts, especially during this pandemic, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you and the gift’s recipient to access, grow, care for, and display plants.

As a reminder, we also have a specific service designed for employers looking to send wellness gifts & plants to their employees. This program helps choose the right plants and set the recipients up for success once they get it. We’ll send the gift recipients personalized plant care reminders via text or email.

Our online store makes accessing high-quality plants easy for you. We also have curated plant gift sets that are perfect for all occasions. Visit it today to find the perfect plant for you or the perfect gift for someone else.

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