Plant of the Month (April Edition): Pothos, the Survivalist

February 25, 2021

Pothos is a must have for any indoor garden because its many virtues, such as its super ability to clean air, as-low-as-possible-maintenance, versatility, ease of propagation and lush foliage. Perhaps the part that makes it so dear to our hearts is how easy it is to cut a little piece off and share with family and friends. It’s like the heirloom plant that can survive across generations and multiple moves.

The scientific name of Pothos is Epipremnum aureum. It’s also known as Devil’s vine or Devil’s ivy, another tribute to how hard to kill this plant is. Unlike succulents or cacti that only requires infrequent waterings, but is sensitive to overwatering or shady environments, Pothos can work across the board… dry, wet, shade or bright. The only environment I would recommend avoiding putting Pothos is a super sunny spot because the hot sun can heat up the leaves and cause burn spots. Check out our blog post on watering plants to learn more.

Pothos comes in many different varieties besides green, but all follow basic shapes of a vine. Here are some of the most popular:

Marble Queen – stripes and dots of white and green creates interesting patterns

Golden Pothos – Lime green colored leaves brings light to any dark corner. This variety needs brighter light to keep its golden color. Otherwise it might revert back to the original form of green.

Golden Marble Queen – Stripes and dots of yellow and green gives a warmer color.

Marble Queen. Photo:     Golden Pothos. Photo: Costa Farms     Golden Marble Queen

To propagate Pothos, simply cut off a section of the vine, making sure to include at least 1 leaf node. Place it in water or moist potting soil and keep in a spot with bright indirect light. The cutting should root within a week and start to grow visibly.

Left to its own devices, Pothos grows wildly in warm climates, often seen climbing up tree bark and reaching massive height and leaf size, up to 66ft tall and 18” across! In indoor environments however, such size is difficult to achieve. That said, Pothos will gladly clamber up a moss pole or guided wire to wind around archways, windows, doors, railings and stairs. With patience and creativity, you can make a Pothos room divider or curtain!

Pothos responds well and quickly to fertilizer. However, be mindful that liquid fertilizers might cause the plant to grow too quickly, making it vulnerable to insects and disease. Liquid fertilizer is a bit like candy for kids… you get a boost of energy, but then the crash comes afterwards, unless you keep fertilizing every few weeks. We recommend using a slow-release fertilizer. They come in granular form and slowly releases fertilizer into the soil and can last up to 6 months between applications.

Discover more about Pothos at our Plant Care page.

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