Holiday Plant Feature: Poinsettia Plant Care & Info

February 19, 2019

The Poinsettia is an iconic holiday plant that brings bright colors and beautiful accents to residential and commercial interior plant design & decorations. Here, we provide information on Poinsettia plant care as well as some more background on where it originated. Let’s get started!

pointsettia plant care

Background: The Poinsettia originates from Central America. The plant comes in a variety of colors and often has variegated leaves. Aztecs used to cultivate the Poinsettia for medicinal purposes. However, with time, the plant became Westernized and associated with Christmas. Nowadays, around 70 million Poinsettia are sold during the 6-week November/December holiday season.

Lighting: 6 hours sunlight/day

Temperature: 65-75 degrees F is ideal. They can sustain mid-50s throughout nights, but never under 50 degrees.

Poinsettia Plant Care & Watering: Once/week (or whenever the upper soil is dry to touch)

Toxicity: Poinsettia are non-toxic to touch. However, they can cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting if ingested by pets or humans.

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