A message from Garden Streets about Plants and Coronavirus

February 25, 2021

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We’re living in uncertain times and I wanted to let you know that Garden Streets is taking every precaution necessary to keep our staff and clients safe.  Here are some of the detailed ways how we continue to serve our clients and partners while adhering to all guidelines from the CDC:

For on-going project planning and new proposals, we are working from home and conducting virtual walk-throughs and video conferencing.  We continue to use paperless invoicing and document signing services as part of our normal business to avoid physical contact.

For offices that have closed due to the coronavirus, we have either moved the plants closer to natural light and gave them a big drink or to our facilities so they can continue to receive care until offices reopen.

For offices that remain open or ones where we have access badges, we have lengthened the interval between visits.  Our horticultural staff use sanitizers and wash hands before and after entering each premise.  We have changed our visit schedules so we visit at times when the office is least populated and observe social distancing.

For installations, we are sending out single-person crews with vehicles instead of our usual 2-3 person teams and at a time when there are minimal people on-site.  This means that installations will take a bit longer to complete and may occur at off-hours.  As with on-site horticultural visits, our installation staff use sanitizers and wash hands before and after each installation.  Our vehicles receive a wipe-down after each installation as well.

At our facility, we hold live plants on-site and cannot completely work from home.  However, we have modified our staffing schedule so fewer people are on-site at a time to allow for social distancing.  All internal meetings are conducted on-line using video conferencing.

We truly appreciate our partners, clients and team members.  We are closely following the news and committed to following all guidelines from the CDC and local authorities for the safety of everyone in our community.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions!

Stay safe and healthy!

Jen Gouldstone

Owner & President, Garden Streets

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