Your Guide to Tree Decorating Tips

December 12, 2019

With each holiday season, it’s common for people to tree shop. While traditionally trees are associated with Christmas, they’re increasingly being used as holiday-neutral decorations, which help add an organic, winter equinox feel to interior landscaping in Boston. Here are our top tree decorating tips to help you create the perfect display for the holidays.

Lululemon works with Garden Streets to install seasonal, winter-themed trees in stores. Boston, MA

We recommend taking a careful approach to purchasing trees. Here are some tree decorating tips to help you find the perfect one and keep it fresh!

If possible, look for tree vendors who are associated with sustainable farms. The trees should be green and healthy looking. Run your hand down the branches and feel the needles. They should be plump and supple. If fistfuls of needles are falling into your palm, pass this tree and find another one.

After you’ve selected your tree, make a cut at the bottom of the trunk. This will make a fresh cut on the tree’s trunk and allow water to travel upwards. It’s important to submerge the tree trunk in water within a couple of hours of the cut. This usually gives you enough time to go home and place your tree in its stand.

Place the tree away from heat sources such as fireplace or heating vents. This will avoid drying out the tree excessively and also cut down on fire hazard.

Allow the tree 24 hours to settle with gravity before applying tree decorating tips. After this time, you can start decorating without any worries of significant changes in branch position.

Water daily. Trees require a good amount of water. Add water to your tree stand on a daily basis. Never let the cut be exposed to air. If you need to hire indoor plant maintenance services in order to have the tree watered consistently, do it! Otherwise, the plant will dry out.

Research your neighborhood’s preferred disposal methods. If possible, treecycle it!

Closeup of a hand-made ornament using natural materials. Boston, MA

Bows are not limited to the top of trees. Here is a tree decked out in bows as decorated by Garden Streets. Beverly, MA

Tree Decorating Tips

  1. When hanging ornaments, place larger and heavier ones towards the bottom of the tree. Make sure to place ornaments on the inside closer to the trunk as well as the outside to create a layering effect. In fact, shinier ornaments on the inside of the tree will help to reflect light outwards! Weave lights through the inner layers of the tree as well.

  2. Anything goes for ornaments. Whatever brings you joy! If I had to pick, go with different shapes and textures. Alternative materials are big this year. Play with knit or hand-made ornaments, especially if they have sentimental value! If you’re tight on time, go with big ornaments like bows. They cover more area for the same amount of effort.

  3. Extra wide ribbons as garlands. Garlands can go on before or after the ornaments depending on how much emphasis you want to make of the garland vs. ornaments. Place the garland first if you want to emphasize ornaments, and vice versa if you want to emphasize the garland. For extra credit, layer multiple ribbons of complementary color or material to create a sumptuous look.

  4. Tree toppers are in fact, optional. Manufactured toppers tend to be heavier, especially if they are battery-operated. You can also make your own with cut paper, ribbon or clusters of large ornaments. Again, anything goes!

Need some more help with your interior landscapes? Want to implement more biophilic design in the office beyond the holidays. Contact Garden Streets to get started!

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