Research shows that higher frequency and repetition create better results when it comes to behavior change and memory tests.  We designed the TouchPoints tool to help busy HR professionals manage their internal communications of high quality engagement and wellness content to their teams.  TouchPoints enables higher frequency touch points to occur and drive better results.

Easy to configure with nothing to install, our TouchPoints tool is the HR professional’s best tool.  Select your content and have it sent to the Right People at the Right Time, automatically.  Currently available via SMS (US numbers) and email. 

TouchPoints™ helps busy HR professionals manage internal communications of high quality engagement and wellness content for their teams. Select or customize your content and have it sent to the right people at the right time, automatically. 

Use Cases

Inspirational and Awareness

Schedule a daily short story or quote to be sent to your team for a pre-defined duration.  These frequent touch points are a great way to energize and inspire.

Upload your own quotes and stories or select from our content library.

New Employee Welcome

Configure your team’s onboarding checklist with TouchPoints and save time.  Not only can you send something different each day, but you can also set up welcome messages for the 30 day, 60 day, or any team milestone you like!

Open Enrollment Reminders

Open enrollment is here!  For many HR teams, this means multiple reminders to their teams to sign up for health insurance. Configure your content months in advance with TouchPoints and let it do the reminders for you.

Healthy Habits

For the next Wellness Month, send a lovely recipe or mindful reminder every day for the best chance that some of them will stick!

Research shows that habits are formed after a minimum of 21 repetitions.  Leverage our TouchPoints to help your team adopt good habits!

Building Up Excitement

Is there a big event or conference coming up and you’re looking for a fun way to build up excitement and anticipation?  Send a note, quiz question, or other engaging content to get the buzz going.

And More...

What would you like to send today?

Key Features

Recurring Messages

Set content to be sent daily, weekly, monthly or any custom repetition interval.

Customized Send Times

Choose the best send time for each recipient.  This is a great fit for teams that span multiple timezones.

Start / Stop Dates

Schedule content sequences to be sent at pre-defined starting and stopping dates.

Text, E-Mail or Both

Choose the preferred channel of communication for each recipient.  Recipients do not need to install or register in order to start receiving messages.*


Content Groupings

Create content groupings that can be refrenced and reused later.


Set content to be sent on certain milestones, such as 60 days, 1 years, or your own custom milestone.

* In order to comply with anti-spamming laws, we can only allow users to send to others with the same company domain name in their email addresses.  This tool is intended to be used for internal communications only.

Content Library

As creators ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to create engaging content for everyone.  That’s why we curated a set of content here that’s ready to share and customize.  Added all together, you can send something unique every day for more than a year!

Notable Quotes

Ready for you at the click of a button are notable quotes from iconic characters and fun themes, including sci-fi movies, actors, sports figures, philosphers and inventors, or even family-friendly, workplace appropriate one-liner jokes.

Great for bringing a smile, inspiring discussions or to accompany a company-wide initiative.

Recipe Collections

Perfect fit as part of Wellness Month or Wellness Initiatives, our collections of recipes range from a quick cucumber salad to more elaborate dinner, cocktails and desserts, they will be sure to delight your team’s varied taste profiles, including authentic dishes from international cusines.

Special Dessert-Only or Vegetarian Collections are available as well.  Chocolate lovers, any one?

Health & Wellness

Take a deep breath, go outside for a walk, smell the roses, make a salad, drink a gallon of water, write a post card, and the list goes on for easy, simple and enjoyable activities for your team to do.

Along with shorter messages, this content collection also includes original poetry, short origami folding instructions and more.

Keep a score board with your team and see who can keep the longest wellness streak going!

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