8 Great ideas for Summer Team Building

July 1, 2024

8 Great Ideas for Summer Team Building


Summer is the perfect time for companies to engage in team-building activities. The warm weather and longer days provide ample opportunities for indoor or outdoor events that can help strengthen team dynamics, improve communication, and boost morale. You can even plan some family friendly activities and encourage your employees to bring their loved ones! No matter what your budget or the size of your team, the event planning experts at Garden Streets have some ideas for a great summer team building event – read on to find out more!

1. Spend some time outdoors

Organize a day of outdoor adventure challenges such as rock climbing, zip-lining, or a high ropes course. These activities require trust and cooperation, making them perfect for building team cohesion. Or simply plan a day at a nearby outdoor venue, such as a beach, lakefront, or park. Getting out of the office and enjoying the sun together will help your team feel rested, refreshed and connected. 


people jumping in the air on a beach, enjoying summer


2. Host a friendly competition 

Host a sports tournament with games like soccer, softball, or ultimate frisbee. Team sports encourage collaboration and healthy competition, helping employees build stronger relationships. A team-based scavenger hunt or photo scavenger hunt can be another great way to get that competitive feeling for teams that are less athletically inclined!




3. Summer Blockbuster Movie Night

Set up an outdoor movie screening in a park or company courtyard. Provide popcorn and refreshments. This relaxed setting can help employees unwind and bond in a casual environment. If it’s too hot to watch a movie outdoors, a lot of movie theaters will book private screenings in their spaces for groups. 


4. Company Summer Picnic

Organize a traditional company picnic with BBQ, games, and activities for all ages. Include team-building games like sack races, tug-of-war, and egg-and-spoon races to encourage participation and teamwork.


people enjoying a summer company picnic


5. Charity Work

Plan a day of volunteering at a local charity or community organization. Working together for a good cause can strengthen team bonds and provide a sense of shared purpose and accomplishment.





6. Summer Cooking Class 

Arrange a group cooking class to polish those great summer recipes. From BBQ to burgers, making your own ice cream, or special summer cocktails (Watermelon Margarita, I’m looking at you!), cooking together can be a fun and interactive way to build teamwork and communication skills. Plus, everyone gets to enjoy a delicious meal afterward!


7. Outdoor Yoga or Fitness Classes

Hire a yoga or fitness instructor to lead an outdoor session. This can be a great way to promote wellness and relaxation while also encouraging team participation in a health-focused activity.

people enjoying a summer yoga event


8. Summer Art and Craft Workshops

Arrange for an art and craft workshop where employees can engage in painting, pottery, or DIY projects. If you have an outdoor space, try a plant focused crafting class like bonsai or herb gardens to really embrace the season. This can be a relaxing and creative way to spend time together and foster teamwork.


Summer team-building activities are a fantastic way to enhance teamwork, improve morale, and create lasting memories. By incorporating a mix of adventure, relaxation, and creativity, you can ensure that your team feels valued and connected. So, pick a few of these ideas, and get ready to enjoy a summer full of fun and bonding with your team!




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