Shipping Policy

When will kits be shipped and arrive?

We aim for kits to arrive 3-5 days prior to the event. This is a nice buffer that allows for replacements to be sent in case of any damages and some leeway for reasonable carrier delays.

We ask for all addresses to be finalized by 15 business days ahead of the event. This allows for adequate transit time and time to gather all supplies and package them for arrival prior to your event. However, actual package arrival dates may vary depending on the location (distance from our warehouse) and carrier speed.

If you need packages to arrive on a certain date, please inform your account contact so we can determine the best carrier and service for your timeline and addresses.

How do you ship the kits?

We choose the most economical options to ship kits so we can pass the savings to our clients. This means either UPS or FedEx Ground delivery. For rush orders, we ship 3-Day select, 2-Day Air or even overnight, as needed.

If you have a preference for shipping method or carrier, please inform your account contact so we can adjust your billing and ship accordingly.

What happens if items are damaged or lost in transit?

We guarantee the quality of our items so if anything is damaged in transit, please inform us ASAP and we will get you a replacement!

To report a damaged item, please email and include a photo of the item, packing material, and shipping box.

If a package is lost in transit or reported as delivered but not actually found by the recipient, please email us and we will send you a replacement!

How do you deal with package delays?

Many factors may cause delays with carriers such as UPS and FedEx. COVID labor shortages, hurricanes, wildfires and snow storms are just a few of the categories of issues we have seen to cause delays. As such, we can only guarantee shipping packages on time, but cannot guarantee that they will arrive in the advertised timeframe by the carrier because it is entirely out of our control after the packages are picked up by the carrier.

Our project management team actively monitors package transit status and will inform you of any issues as soon as we can. We will also work with the carrier to understand the cause of the delay and attempt to resolve the issue. For example, sometimes packages can be delayed due to incorrect addresses or being lost in transit.

In case of package delays, you can choose from any number of the following options (in no particular order):

  • Attend anyway and create your own piece when the package arrives. We share written and video instructions after an event in case people can’t make it due to schedule conflicts, etc. Those instructions can be used by those whose packages are delayed. Our events are fun and informative so even if someone doesn’t have their kit yet, they will still have an enjoyable experience.
  • Send ‘chaser’ packages. We can overnight packages, but they will be charged to your invoice and still be subject to the same causes that delayed the original package. It may work, but it’s risky.
  • Reschedule your event. This may be a good fit if for some reason, the majority of the packages are delayed at the same time. We observed this unfortunate event during the freak snow storm that hit Texas in Winter, 2020. Not only were packages and mail not being delivered, but people didn’t have electricity! Our client rescheduled the event until order (and nerves) were restored.
  • Schedule a second event at a later date for those whose packages are delayed. We are happy to work with you on a discounted host fee for this event as a way to share the risk of package delays!

Please note that we cannot refund kits after they have been shipped or host additional events for free due to package delays by the carrier. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible at the best price possible. Building in package arrival guarantees into our pricing would mean significantly increasing the base cost of our kits for all clients. Instead, we hope to share the risk with our clients in a fair way.

How soon can you deliver?

We aim to keep a good level of inventory on hand at all times, but certain materials (perishable items, seasonal items, etc.) need to be special ordered and can take some time. If we have materials on-hand, we can ship as soon as addresses are supplied. We can also handle rush orders for an additional charge. For a normal timeline, we ask for all addresses to be finalized by 15 business days ahead of the event.

Can you ship to international addresses?

Yes! However, depending on the contents of the kit, we may need to leave certain items out or use substitutions in order to comply with international customs guidelines.

What happens if a package has a wrong address?

People move. Typos happen. We understand. If you realize that an address is incorrect, please contact your project manager ASAP. If the package has not shipped, we can easily correct the address. However, if the package has already shipped, the carrier may charge you a fee for re-routing the package and we will get your permission first before okaying the change. If the package has already been delivered or is too late in the transit to be re-routed, you will unfortunately need to purchase another kit to be sent to the correct address.