Remote Teams

Keep remote teams engaged and connected with our complete suite of hands-on events, care boxes and wellness content.

Domestic and International Shipping

No matter how far flung your teams are, we can get them everything they need to have the same great experience.

Gift and Experience All-in-one

Not only is the experience fun, but what every attendee makes is a gift that is long-lasting and act as a reminder of their experience over and over again.

Mix and Match

With Wellness Boxes, Hands-on Events, ExpertTalks and more, Garden Streets has everything you need to engage your remote teams.  Mix and Match between events, talks and wellness boxes to keep things fresh.

Inclusive and Accessible

Nature-inspired content and events are easily enjoyed and welcomed by all.  Yes, you can make everyone happy!


Ship many kits to a single office location or many kits to many home addresses, we are here to make your hybrid work plan work!

Simultaneous Sessions

With Garden Streets’ team of dedicated hosts, we can support multiple events for different teams at the same time.  Take the guess work out and let your teams choose what they want to do!