Succulent Terrarium Workshop

60 minutes

10-200+ Attendees

Hands-On Connections with Nature, Creativity, Plant Care Knowledge

Kit includes: Glass bowl, succulent plant, soil, decorative mosses, small and large decorative rocks, drainage gravel, pair of chopsticks (for planting), surprise figurine

Event Overview

During this workshop, attendees will get their hands dirty putting together a beautiful terrarium using a curated selection of high-quality materials, including moss, rocks, and a live succulent plant.

Our expert host will guide your team through the terrarium-building process, providing tips and insight on how to care for the plants to help them thrive. These terrariums are easy to care for and add a nice touch of nature to any indoor setting.

See how everyone’s creativity and style comes through in their own personal, unique creation!

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Succulent Terrarium

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