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We love collaborations.  Do you have a passion or skillset that you’d like to share?  Are you looking to add more content to your product offerings?  

For Creators

For Service Providers

Fulfillment Support

Are you currently a host and want to start offering kits as an add-on to your sessions?  Let our experienced fulfillment team help you avoid pitfalls and supply chain woes.  Contact us about flexible kitting and fulfilllment services or consulting to set up your own operations.

Becoming a Host

Do you have a passion or skillset that you’d like to share by becoming a host?  We would love to hear from you!  Our approach is collaborative and content driven.  We know our audience well and are valuable partners in co-creating compelling content.

Send us a note and let’s talk!

Original Content

Garden Streets is your best bet for original hands-on events and engaging content.  Our team of artists, creators and experts are extremely passionate about what they do.  Combined with our knowledge and experience working with the corporate client, we are confident that our content and fulfillment capabilities (national and international) will be a valuable addition to your offerings.

International Presence

We ship nationally and internationally.  We are also able to host events and talks across multiple time zones.

Simultaneous Sessions

With Garden Streets’ team of dedicated hosts, we can support multiple events for different teams at the same time.

Let’s Work Together!