How to Engage Remote Employees

Inspiring your team to connect creates more than just a fun place for your employees to work—it creates an engaging atmosphere that also drives their loyalty and commitment to their jobs, and to each other. The same concept applies to virtual event attendees too. By encouraging involvement through interactive, hands-on activities, event organizers can watch engagement levels soar, while team leaders can watch company morale rise. 

So, what activities can organizers tap into that are both virtual and hands-on? That’s where Garden Streets shines. A minority, woman-owned company focused on engagement and wellness through nature, Garden Streets designs, ships and produces nature-inspired events and activity kits in-house that are inclusive and accessible for diverse teams. 

Why Garden Streets’ Activities Actually Work

Each of Garden Streets’ engagement-forward kits are inspired by nature and art, both of which are mediums proven to boost overall mental health. Plus, working with your hands leads to more of your senses being activated through touch and smell. Put simply: Merging that boost of serotonin and heightened senses with an activity that’s hands-on makes for a more engaging experience. 

Garden Streets curates and ships a sustainably packaged kit complete with everything needed, so teams or attendees can create something wonderful as a shared experience. It’s an experience that lives on through the creation, whether it is shared online among friends or displayed proudly at home or on a desk. Hands-on events create something that is longer-lasting than other team engagement activities. (Take Garden Streets’ bonsai tree event, for instance. The bonsai tree can last for years when properly cared for.) 

Bonus: It doesn’t matter where team members are located. The company will ship the kits anywhere (tracking numbers for packages included), so that even the most remote team member or event attendee can participate. From 10 to 300-plus attendees, Garden Streets is available on any preferred conferencing tool.

What Hands-On, Nature-Inspired Activities Look Like

Garden Streets’ hands-on activities make for great year-round entertainment for virtual and hybrid events, corporate meetings or conferences, but they also offer seasonal events (that double as thoughtful gifts!) for the holidays. Ready to get hands-on and looking for some ideas? Here are a few year-round and seasonal options to explore:


Succulent Terrarium: Get your hands dirty putting together a beautiful terrarium during this fun, nature-centric workshop.


Bonsai Tree Workshop: Learn how to plant and care for your own bonsai tree in an experience that gives long-lasting results.


Kitchen Herb Garden: Get all the herbs you need right from your kitchen in this event perfect for spring and summer. 


Four Seasons Watercolor: During this experience truly designed for all seasons, team members will learn how to use seasonal-based colors and watercolor techniques to create a personalized memento.


Forever (Dried) Floral Arrangement: This sustainable and environmentally friendly workshop is as relaxing as it is informative with key design principles and step-by-step guidelines for a long-lasting arrangement.


Kokedama (Moss Ball) Workshop: Attendees will create a living sculpture during this activity. The end result is a perfect desk, window or patio accessory, whether hanging from a hook or as a centerpiece. 


Natural Candle Making: Using soy wax, natural decorative materials and essential oils, team members will create a candle to their liking with their favorite decor and scents set in a glass jar.


Nature Origami: Learn the ancient history of Origami, as well as techniques on how to make origami models in this meditative, stress-relieving activity.

Halloween Gingerbread House: Your team will love getting their spook (and sugar) on with this Halloween-themed gingerbread house decorating activity.

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Centerpiece: Make your own living centerpiece this fall with Garden Streets’ pumpkin succulent kit, filled with natural decor and moss to blend seasonal colors with your own flair for design. 


Holiday Fresh Wreath Making: Get ready for winter by making your very own fresh, evergreen holiday wreath with premium foliage and decor that will last the entire holiday season.


Birch Box Centerpiece: Using a mix of evergreen foliage and festive decor, teams can create a fresh centerpiece that will last for weeks, while the techniques learned will stay forever.


Art of Gift Wrapping: Attendees will learn classic and advanced gift wrapping techniques that will take gift-giving to the next level. 


Seaside Ornaments: Capture a section of the beach with this ocean-themed ornament-making event.  Kit includes tiny sea stars, sand and all the glitter to make it shine!

To create the perfect event programming for your team, contact Garden Streets here.

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