Pilea – A well-rounded plant

February 25, 2021

In recent times, Pilea peperomioides has become a darling on Instagram. Its almost-perfectly round leaves is whimsical and distinctive. This shape is what earned this plant the common name of Chinese Money Plant, for its resemblance to ancient Chinese currency which were round metal medallions with a center hole.

Pilea’s care needs are similar to succulents, with a need for bright light and occasional drying out. When dry, the leaves droop a bit and perks right up when watered. Over time, this plant grows upward with a central stem surrounded by round leaves.

Pilea is a fun plant to grow because it sends baby plants through underground roots called ‘runners’. These baby plants are exact replicas of the parent plant, only smaller and very adorable. You can easily divide these baby plants, pot them up and share with family and friends.

Pilea peperomioides is a species, meaning it is a naturally occurring variety and quite hardy and easy to grow.

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