Team Building Is Your Most Important Q4 Budget Spend

August 2, 2022

Team building is one of the most important investments you can make when it comes to retaining top talent. When done right, team building can actively instill trust, communication, and collaboration among the employees.

Heading into Q4 it’s crucial to keep employees engaged, motivated for what’s to come, and appreciated for the work they’ve done this year. By setting time aside to connect and check in outside of work, you’ll see that team building is not just a year end splurge – it’s one of the most important investments you can make.

The Why

Company culture is a buzz word in the corporate world right now- and with good reason. More employees than ever before are citing company culture as their reason for staying, or leaving, a job. But company culture isn’t just important for retaining top talent. 

Genuine connection and appreciation among your team is crucial especially through what continues to be a turbulent year. Employees’ mental wellness and engagement at work can have a bottom up effect. Especially in remote or hybrid settings. Avoid burn out and recommit to your talent to see immediate results at work- especially as you set up for another successful year heading into Q1!

The How 

Team building can be difficult to do right! In order to benefit from the investments you make in your team- you want to be sure that those experiences are a success.

First, choose something completely separate from work. There is a tendency to “kill two birds with one stone” and why not wrap corporate training up in the form of a team building exercise? It’s not as effective. For true team building, spending time together making genuine connections outside of work is what leads to the most overall success and benefits within the office environment. 

Next, don’t schedule another happy hour. You want your team building to be a unique and memorable experience. Not only will you get the most bang for your buck- but choosing something a little different is proven to increase employee engagement, interest, and overall review of the experience. Events like

Pumpkin Succulent Centerpieces

Haunted Halloween Gingerbread

Evergreen Wreath Decorating

DIY Bonsai

are the kind of experiences employees will remember- and want to attend. This will facilitate conversation before, during, and after the event. In addition, it’s been shown that stronger connections are formed when trying something new and different outside your comfort zone. Like we said this is an investment and challenging the norm is the easiest way to get the most out of it. 

Finally, how do you know your event was a success? If there were smiling faces, a sense of excitement, and a picture perfect finish, you’re definitely on the right track!

The When 

Right now! Team building should be a year round investment. You hired the best and now it’s your job to keep them around. Just like in a relationship, don’t let things grow stale after the initial excitement of hiring somebody on. It’s a win/win for you and your employees to stay happy. 

That being said, if you have to choose a time to prioritize team building, Q4 is a great time to do it! This allows you to review the past year, show your employees how much you appreciate them, and prepare to launch into Q1 refreshed, rejuvenated, and reconnected. 

At Garden Streets we recommend hosting a team building event at least once a quarter for optimal success but are happy to work with your company needs and budget to build an ongoing program that works for your team. By mixing up activities and meeting regularly you’ll get the most out of your team building. 

Team building is not a splurge, it’s an investment- in your team, your business, and your coming year. You don’t need to blow your entire budget to build a successful and fulfilling team building experience that everybody can get excited about. Now’s the perfect time to get started. Book an event for your team and thank us later!

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