Introducing a whole new way to connect: DIY Craft Boxes and Party Stations

December 29, 2023

Introducing a whole new way to connect:  DIY Craft Boxes and Party Stations

As an employee at Garden Streets, I can’t help but marvel at the incredible journey we’ve embarked on to revolutionize corporate team-building. In our quest to make events more accessible and adaptable to diverse budgets, we’ve introduced two groundbreaking methods that have proven to be nothing short of game-changers: DIY Craft Boxes and Party Stations. Throughout this busy holiday season we received lots of incoming requests for new kinds of employee engagement events and our team rose to the occasion, creating new custom events for company team building and holiday events. It’s always exciting for our team to have the opportunity to innovate (we’re all pretty enthusiastic about problem solving!) so these new events were a welcome challenge. Read more to find out about our new offerings and how they might fit into your employee engagement plans!



DIY Craft Boxes: Unleashing Creativity and Flexibility

Our DIY Craft Boxes have taken team-building to a whole new level. Chosen from among our catalog of client-favorite events, craft box events include all the materials necessary for participants, along with instructions and signage to help participants navigate creating their pieces. Imagine the joy of colleagues coming together, armed with curated craft materials and instructions tailored to a chosen theme. What sets this approach apart is the sheer flexibility it offers. By eliminating the need for external hosts, we’ve empowered companies to curate engaging events without breaking the bank. Since our craft boxes are hostless, participants have increased flexibility with timing and can even invite employees to participate asynchronously. 




The DIY Craft Boxes provide a canvas for creativity, turning any space into a collaborative hub. Colleagues can immerse themselves in the experience at their own pace, fostering a sense of unity without the constraints of a formal schedule. It’s not just about saving on costs; it’s about accommodating different team sizes and budgets, ensuring that everyone can participate in a way that suits them best.

Party Stations: A High-Volume, Low-Commitment Extravaganza




This year we also introduced the Party Stations concept. Rather than our traditional static teaching model, Party Stations allow flexibility for time, size of event, and budget. Our party stations can be fully integrated into any event as a major focus or one of several activity options available to employees. Party stations provide a dynamic and interactive atmosphere where attendees can freely move between activities, breaking the mold of traditional, time-bound team-building.


This approach is not just about scalability; it’s about creating a space where spontaneous collaboration and networking thrive. Small team celebrations or grand corporate events – our Party Stations can be tailored to any size, with our events team handling the logistics, leaving participants free to immerse themselves in the experience.



Spotting Trends, Shaping the Future

Reflecting on the success of these methods, one thing is clear. The world of employee engagement is always changing, and we need to be ready to rise to the occasion with bespoke solutions that work best for our clients. 

Looking ahead to the new year, we at Garden Streets are excited to discover the next great solution in engagement programming. Whether incorporating more eco-friendly elements, more budget conscious options, or more opportunities for custom collaborations with clients, we’re ready to take another leap.





In conclusion, our DIY Craft Boxes and Party Stations are more than methods – they are reflections of our commitment to creating memorable experiences for teams of all sizes and budgets. The success we’ve witnessed is a preview into the future of corporate events and the future of Garden Streets – always growing and changing to suit the needs of our clients, and collaborating to realize more inclusive and exciting solutions to our problems. If you are looking to create your perfect employee engagement event – reach out today to one of our event planning experts to get started!



Learn more about our virtual event process here and contact us here to get started planning your next event.


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