Employee Wellness

Virtual & In-Person Employee Health & Wellness Programs

Create a comprehensive year round strategy to boost employee wellness with Garden Streets. Our all inclusive approach to wellness incorporates both synchronous and asynchronous tools for complete and immersive team connection, culture, and care. From team events to daily check-ins and informative Lunch and Learns- this is a wellness solution that extends beyond the office. 


Live events to encourage employee engagement, company culture, and healthy living. See our wellness based events that can be done virtually or in-person.


Connect with your team asynchronously by sending out daily content via Slack, email, or text. Each TouchPoint chapter features a month’s worth of daily content. Topics include:

  • Black History Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • Earth Month
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Healthy Living, Healthy Eating
  • Bite Sized Art History
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Daily Writing Prompts
  • Relaxation: Yoga and Meditation
  • Plant Tips
  • Dinner Ideas
  • Morning Motivation
  • Daily Outdoor Activities
  • Get Up and Get Moving!
  • Culture Club- Around the World in 80 Days!
  • Daily Painting Ideas and Templates
  • Self Reflection Through Journaling!
  • Just Vegetarian Recipes!
  • Team Recipe Month
  • Company History (custom)
  • Women in STEM
  • Get Going: Garden Edition
  • Weekly Workout
  • Spring Cleaning

and more!

Lunch and Learn

Encourage in-depth discussion and connection between team members through these expert led presentations.

Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness is a once-a-week wellness solution to enhance engagement and avoid burnout among your team.  We set and send the schedule so you don’t have to. Team members can choose what they’d like to join each month for a long term wellness strategy that is more cost effective.  

Sample Monthly Wellness Program 

Our monthly guide offers a comprehensive plan for a year round commitment to team wellness. Through multiple offerings of both hands-on events, daily reminders, and in-depth ExpertTalks, your work is done for you no matter the time of year. 


Event:  Calligraphy 101

Lunch and Learn:  Healthy Snacking

TouchPoints:  Healthy Habits Collection 1


Event:  Succulent Terrarium

Lunch and Learn:  Plant Science 101

TouchPoints:  Spring Recipes Collection


Event:  Origami

Lunch and Learn:  Improv 101

TouchPoints:  Summer Cookout Recipes Collection


Event:  Halloween Gingerbread House or Pumpkin Centerpiece

Lunch and Learn: All about Microbrewing

TouchPoints:  Healthy Habits Collection 2



Event:  Winter Blossom Watercolor

Lunch and Learn:  Houseplant Clinic

TouchPoints:  Contemplative Quotes Collection


Event:  Kitchen Herb Garden

Lunch and Learn:  Foraging 101

TouchPoints:  Signs of Spring Collection


Event:  Moss Art or Forever Floral Arrangement

Lunch and Learn:  Summer Book Club

TouchPoints:  Team Recipe Share!


Event:  Seasonal Cocktail Concoctions, Seaside ornaments

Lunch and Learn: Poetry for the Seasons

TouchPoints:  Native American History



Event:  Candle Making Workshop

Lunch and Learn:  Edible Gardening A-Z

TouchPoints:  Resilience Stories Collection


Event:  Kokedama Workshop

Lunch and Learn:  Virtual Petting Zoo (Baby animals!)

TouchPoints:  Inspirational Quotes Collection


Event:  Bonsai 101

Lunch and Learn:  LEGO Builders Challenge

TouchPoints:  Summer Movie Lines Collection


Event:  Wreath Making, Birch Box Centerpiece or Grapevine Wreath

Lunch and Learn:  Team Caroling


TouchPoints:  Transitional and Reflective Quotes Collection

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