Corporate Gifting

A live desk plant is a thoughtful gift that is environmentally friendly and long-lasting.  Our Corporate Plant Gifting Program offers an easy way for you to share good vibes and wellness benefits with your team or clients.  Whether you are sending 4 or 400, our greenhouse will deliver these green beauties for you!  All plants come with matching containers in a variety of styles and colors to fit your most discerning recipient.  

Single Invoice


We save you the pain of manually entering recipient addresses.  Get a single invoice for multiple addresses.



Include a custom gift note or additional fun swags!  We can also add your logo to pots for branding



We ensure that plants arrive on-time and safely through careful packaging and delivery.

How It Works

2-3 Weeks Prior to Send. Choose what to send. Pick the plant size, types and container style.  Or let us know your budget and we can choose for you.

1-2 Weeks Prior to Send. Collect addresses and finalize any customization items such as gift notes. Use our survey or existing addresses that you already have, this is the time to get the addresses.  

Ship! Plants away!  Plants are packed and shipped from our greenhouses.  You will receive tracking numbers and kept up to date as to their arrival status.

We Make It Easy!

Plant Matchmaking

We can collect important information such as the amount of available light and whether or not your recipient wants a pet-safe plant.  We then customize the plant variety to match recipients’ growing conditions so they receive a plant that’s just right for them!

Plant Care Information

All plant gifts are accompanied with helpful plant care tips and information, so your recipients are set up for success with their new desk plant!


Send a custom plant tag with your logo, an etched rock or other fun swags along with your plant gift for an even more unique gift.


Can you ship plant gifts to international addresses?

Depending on the country, we may or may not be able to ship plants due to customs regulations.

Can you time the gifts to arrive on a specific date?

Shipping speed depends on the carrier service and destination address. We ship from the East coast and West coast and can work with you to narrow down the delivery window.

Do you have a minimum or maximum order size?

For orders with fewer than 10 recipients, we kindly ask that you visit our online plant shop ( We do not have a maximum order size. Try us!

Where do you ship from?

We ship from both the East coast and West coast of US, based on supply and destination addresses.

Can you send the same plant to everyone?

Yes, that’s totally fine.

Corporate Plant Gifting Program