Working With a Fast-Paced Startup

March 10, 2021

Quick turnaround in a tight timeline helped LogRocket move in with ease and delight employees with lush live plants from Day One.


Client:  LogRocket, Inc.

Space: 5,000 square-foot space near Downtown Crossing

Timeline:  Two weeks from first contact to target move-in date

Plantscape:  12 wall-mounted planters, 5 tall floor plants, 5 extra-tall floor plants, 6 long window sill planters

Maintenance Program: Two months of on-site maintenance transitioned to Plant Care App subscription


With two weeks to create interior plantscapes for a fast-growing company in downtown Boston, Garden Streets was tasked with maximizing work space while also adding live plants for warmth and energy into the new office.


“The process was seamless. The Garden Streets staff was always a pleasure to chat with when they come in to care for the plants, as well as during the planning process (for new installations).”

— executive assistant at logrocket

Garden Streets focused on vertical plants through creative solutions such as mounted plants on modular phone booths to maximize greenery while preserving egress and workspace. Working with LogRocket’s commercial real estate advisor, GardenStreets effectively reduced the client’s involvement in the project, saving them time from the start.

LogRocket was presented with three plantscaping options to suit their needs, allowing them to make the most customized solution possible in a short timeframe.

After the install was complete, Garden Streets provided on-site indoor plant maintenance services for the first two months while the plants settled in. Following that, office plant services & maintenance smoothly transitioned to the client with a subscription to Garden Streets’ proprietary Plant Care App, which sends customized reminders and guidelines on how to care for plants.

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