Lululemon elevates store experience with live plants

March 10, 2021

Lululemon designs its stores to incorporate live plants and focuses on biophilic design for an elevated shopping experience. With layout changes and other variables, it’s easy for stores to fall behind on optimal plant maintenance. Garden Streets provide a plant solution with replacement and maintenance programs.


Client:  Lululemon

Space: 5 locations in greater Boston

Plantscape:  10-12 small to medium plants with custom containers selected to match Lululemon’s brand aesthetics

Maintenance Program:  Regular on-site maintenance


Plants and the maintenance program need to stand up to the vigor of retail environments with constantly changing layout and a higher level of dust.


Plants selected for store opening were not up to the task for the retail environment and quickly perished. Garden Streets selected plant varieties that are more resilient and provide on-going indoor plant maintenance services to ensure their continued success.

Both store staff, as well as shoppers, noticed the new plant life and how inviting the stores felt.

Garden Streets has the expertise and reach to help retailers like Lululemon boost their shopping experience with live plants, making them stand out as a luxury brand amongst other stores that only have faux plants.


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