About Us

Who are we?

Garden Streets is a woman-owned and minority-owned business.  Our team is a diverse group of artists, engineers, gardeners and designers who are passionate about sharing the beauty of nature and incorporating its benefits wherever possible.  Our team hails from 8 states across the US and harvests inspiration from a diverse cross-section of skills, cultures, knowledge and training.

Why nature?

We believe that Nature is universally inclusive.  No matter the culture or location, nature is everywhere.  It is a driving force in shaping history and our personal experiences.  Just like water is the most popular beverage on Earth, so too is gardening the most practiced hobby around the world.

We choose nature as our underlying guideline in creating events, talks, gifts because it is the most common experience.  We also incorporate nature and sustainable practices wherever we can, including the use of environmentally-friendly packaging to sourcing minimally-processed and organic products for gifts.

Being grounded in nature is also reflected in our back-to-roots approach in content creation where history and first-principle fundamentals are incorporated into ExpertTalks, hands-on events and office plant designs.

You will see this common thread across everything we do.

What’s GS Original?

Across our website, you’ll notice icons that indicate something as GS Original.  Whether it’s events, gifts or talks, GS Original designates content that was created and done by our in-house team.  These content are unique to GS and not available anywhere else!

If you’re interested in licensing or listing GS Originals, please checkout our Partnership Program or emailing hello@gardenstreets.com.


Our Values